Grinnell College Golf Course 12.5,  Stone Creek Golf Club 11.5

Our Men’s Ryder Cup team visited Stone Creek Golf Club (Williamsburg, IA) yesterday to participate in the event’s 13th competition.  GCGC participants were treated to 27 holes of golf, breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Stone Creek’s recently remodeled clubhouse.

Grinnell retained the cup by winning 12.5 to 11.5 in the 24 matches.  This brings the team’s record to 6-7 vs Stone Creek, but this also marks the team’s 5th consecutive win!

Grinnell was represented by John LaCasse, Jeff Millet, Shane Hart, Peter Marsho, Zeb Rutledge, Chris Zug, Nick Peiffer, Brett McGriff, John German, Dave Smith, Alex Olsen, and Dave Miller.

Williamsburg was represented by Tate DeMeulnare, Terry Jack, Chad Driscoll, Ryan Burns, Mike McCallister, Danny Maas, Colby Jacoby, Jay Gruenwald, Holden Blythe, Brad Shaeffer, Jay Slings, Ryan Doehrmann, and Todd Subbert