I hope this letter finds you safe and well.  Today I write to you about the status of Grinnell College Golf Course and to communicate some operational changes for the upcoming season.  After almost five years of college operation of the golf course we have reviewed our business model and operational costs. To help bring the golf course closer to self-supporting we are instituting some changes.   Also, in response to the public health situation we have moved to a four-tier model for addressing the COVID-19 situation.

Feel free to contact me with any questions about the operational changes outlined below.   Like you, I am looking forward to a great 2021 golf season.

Best Regards,

Shane Hart, GM

Operational Changes for 2021

  • Clubhouse Utilization:  The golf operation will be run out of the Pro Shop on the lower level of the clubhouse.  The rest of the clubhouse space will only be available to those who have reserved the space through our Conference Operations & Events team (call 269-3178 or email  If your requested event requires food or beverage, our events team will connect you with Grinnell College’s Dining Services to discuss catering options.
  • Pool:  The pool will remain closed.
  • Food & Beverage Service:  All food and drink served out of the Pro Shop will be in its original, unopened container.  This includes beverage service; there will be no mixed drink/bar service.  There will be no hot or prepared foods available at the Pro Shop.

Operational Responses to COVID-19 (2021 Season)

Grinnell College has adopted a Campus Activity Level matrix which outlines what types of activities are possible given current campus, local, and regional health concerns.   GCGC, being part of campus, will adhere to this policy.  This matrix will also allow us to quickly adjust our programming to adhere to current safety concerns.

Events = Leagues, Receptions, Meetings, Reunions, and other social functions are still able to be hosted at GCGC up to the given space restrictions.   Bookings will be done through our Conference Operations & Events team at 641-269-3178 or

Questions/Answers of how this matrix will impact programming:

  • What Campus Activity Level is the college at right now?
    • As I write this in January 2021, the Campus Activity Level is YELLOW.  
  • Will there be refunds if the pandemic interrupts golf course operation?
    • If the golf course has to close for more than a 10 days, during the golf season, there will be refunds to season pass holders.  Otherwise, there will be no refunds.
  • Can we have leagues?
    • Yes, golf leagues will be available up to the capacity limits within the given color matrix.  
    • After golf social events need to be arranged through our Conference Operations & Events team.  Call 269-3178 or email
  • What food and beverages will be available?
    • All foods and snack options will be in their original packaging (not prepared).  The same will apply for drink options.  Non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks will be served in their original, unopened packaging.   There will be no bar service with mixed drinks.
  • Can we have a social after an event or schedule a reception? 
    • Yes, Grinnell College has a catering team and Events team that can help your group schedule your function and outline applicable costs.  Capacities will be limited to the color matrix.
  • If we are in condition yellow and the Pro Shop is closed, how will we golf?
    • An external/outdoor Pro Shop will be set up to assist with the check-in process and very basic sales.
  • How much will season passes and rates be?
  • Has the derecho been cleaned up?
    • There was a significant undertaking to remove 175 trees and prune over 80 others.  The cleanup of the derecho has been completed.
  • I need to have my cart serviced; how do I get it?